"Security Against Medico Legal Indemnities" is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e. Medicine and Law. Everybody talks about the law but few, aside from lawyers, judges and law teacher have more than the vaguest notion of what constitutes law. The average layman often has about as much accurate information about the law as he has about medicine-or life on Venus. And unfortunately, two professionals groups suffer from more ignorance of law and medicine than is good for them.
Lawyers, at least those who do not constantly deal with medical issues in their legal practice, know very little about the medical profession and its problems; physicians frequently comprehend too little about the law and how it affects them in the practice of their profession.
Medico legal experts can provide a link between these two professions for their smooth & effective functioning in a scientific manner. The physician meets the law at every turn. He confronts it when, as the treating doctor, he is subpoenaed as a witness in a personal injury lawsuit ; he meets it when his aid is sought as an expert in connection with a claim that another member of his profession has been negligent and when he is faced in his office or clinic by a narcotic addict, a man with a gunshot wound, or a young couple seeking a blood test. He is face-to-face with the law when he is required to render an aggravating array of government reports or to preserve physical evidence for the benefit of a law enforcement agency. The physician, in fact, finds a great deal of the law intensely irritating, often because he is not absolutely clear as to its purpose.
  The main objective of SMI is to help and protect the Doctor members / Medical Establishments financially and physically whenever there is any professional negligence, occurred while performing their duty, whether it may be a legal liability or a financial liability.  

The First and foremost Company in India came out with the concept of providing professional protection to Medical Practitioners / Establishments all over India.

Promoted by the Doctors who knows the beeps and pulse of medical fraternity.

  Medical Council of India
Ashok Kumar Sharma, the respondent no.2 herein filed a First Information Report with police station, Division No. 3, Ludhiana, whereupon an offence under Section 304A read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (for short "the IPC") was registered.
  In case of any emergency or problem our member Doctor is required to give us a call. Member gets any notice/summon he/she is required to contact us through our 24 hrs help line No.
The organization has Collaboration with New India Assurance company Ltd. (A govtt. of India undertaking).
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