SMI (Security Against Medico Legal Indemnities) is incorporated under Indian Partnership Act 1932 Section-58(1).

The organization has Collaboration with New India Assurance company Ltd. (A govtt. of India undertaking).

The Company is Specialized in liability insurance policy with a Complete protection from medical Allegations and Mishappened to the Doctors though our Massive networks of SMI Experts & trained Profeessionals who Scrutinized each and every aspects of Problems and risks involved in medical Practice in today's scenario.
Ignorance of Law is not an excuse in Medical practice. Even before entering into medical profession every medical man should know the law that directly or indirectly regulates their profession. Our foundation continuously assists the doctors by guiding them in preventing any potential law suits pertaining to their practice. Doctors/Consultants are at the potential risk of facing Criminal/Civil suits from any of their patients or their relatives anytime during their professional carrier.
  Your association with SMI will safeguard you from the potential risk of getting exposed to litigations, since we offer our valuable guidance to protect yourself in all such matters. You can spend more time and energy in improving your professional career and leave your burden of medico-legal issues to us.

An Act to provide for the regulation of the use of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for the purpose of
detecting genetic or metabolic disorders.

This Act may be called the Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994.

  The main objective of SMI is to help and protect the Doctor members / Medical Establishments financially and physically whenever there is any professional negligence, occurred while performing their duty, whether it may be a legal liability or a financial liability.  

The First and foremost Company in India came out with the concept of providing professional protection to Medical Practitioners / Establishments all over India.

Promoted by the Doctors who knows the beeps and pulse of medical fraternity.

  Medical Council of India
Ashok Kumar Sharma, the respondent no.2 herein filed a First Information Report with police station, Division No. 3, Ludhiana, whereupon an offence under Section 304A read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (for short "the IPC") was registered.
  In case of any emergency or problem our member Doctor is required to give us a call. Member gets any notice/summon he/she is required to contact us through our 24 hrs help line No.
The organization has Collaboration with New India Assurance company Ltd. (A govtt. of India undertaking).
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